Building & Climate Control

With our knowledge on data harvesting, processing and developing products, we enrolled ourselves into the world of building climate control in 2013. During the building process of our new office in the Netherlands, we challenged ourselves with a high ambition creating a carbon-zero building. During the design process with an architect specialised in sustainable buildings, the design for the building and the climate system became a high standard.

After an extensive search for a climate control system that regulates in terms of comfort and health aspects as well as low-energy-consumption, we could not find a system that met our requirements.


We took our chance to create a complete control system including sensors, actuators and a sophisticated control system ourselves.

Our goal is to create an healthy and comfortable work environment, meeting our high standards on being carbon zero.

We found ourselves creating a very inventive system, applicable on many buildings, worthwhile to share with people with the same high ambition on health, comfort and energy use.


The system measures all relevant parameters inside the building, in our system facilities and outdoors. Then, the system decides what setting is most optimal for that moment in terms of comfort, health and renewable energy.


We continuously develop new products. Some of our projects:

  • Development of CO2-, temperature-, air pressure-, light intensity- and humidity- sensors
  • Development of air flow measurement system
  • Graphical representation of measurement results
  • Actuators for valves and pumps
  • Development of measurement and control processes, adaptable to customer-preferences, seasons and situation